Parish Profile

Where we came from

After 30 years under the direction of the founding rector, St. Andrew church endured a series of transitions from which the congregation learned to communicate their desires more effectively and remain open to change.  The church had a difficult time defining their identity after such a long tenure of leadership.  The expectations between the new rector and the congregation were different, the perceived desire for an administrator and the need for pastoral care.  This was a very stormy period for St. Andrew when many people left the church and there was a division between those who remained. 

Openness to change was illustrated when the church received our first female rector in 1997. Several new families joined the church and new fundraisers and friend raisers began such as the silent auction.  The youth group became more active and several mission trips were organized.  It was a good time for St. Andrew. More recently, a capital campaign was established for physical improvements of our facility and the food bank expanded from a closet to a full food pantry with weekly distributions. 

A lesson learned was that the church does not exist in a vacuum but in an ever changing society.  We must align our expectations with that reality.

Like most churches, St. Andrew has experienced its share of conflict. In many cases, the conflict is worked out by the parties talking it through, sometimes with a mediator, who could be another parishioner or the rector. Sometimes the parties have simply agreed to disagree about an issue and moved on. There was one instance when we seemed to hit a deadlock, and it looked like there would be no resolution. In that case we asked the diocese for help. The Canon for Congregations was invited to meet with the people involved, and the issue was settled amicably.