Parish Profile

Where we are heading

The people from St. Andrew desire unity in the church of the future.  The church should promote an environment of openness to change.  Change should be governed by prayer, prayer for the church and prayer for those in authority in the church.

Many parishioners see society trends, such as a decline in church attendance and aging congregations, as points of concern for the future church.  As certain community programs end, there is a need to take care of our own and the community, a need to implement specific outreach programs such as reviving the Stephen Ministry and the Healing Prayer. 

Parishioners hold a strong desire to grow the church.  People from the congregation hope to attract a dynamic person who understands youth and can provide youth programs.  In addition, people seek a more visual presence of the church as a whole in the community.  There is a desire for belonging, to build core family principles and to obtain a sense of church community and family.

As a means to grow the church, many see increased social functions and intergenerational activities (i.e. Bocce) as important contributions.  There is a desire to build an accurate up-to-date web site and a strong web presence as a modern tool of communication and perhaps to centralize volunteer involvement.  Stewardship to the church and to others is a strong theme.