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Let's Compost!

posted Nov 7, 2017, 6:12 PM by Andrew Spiesman
Have you looked at the now complete St. Andrew compost bins located near the Paper Recycling bins off the rear parking area? What a wonderful addition to our recycling efforts here at St. Andrew! A big thank you to soon to be Eagle Scout James Rodewald for building this useful addition to our recycling program. By faithfully using the bins we can reduce waste going into the landfill and help make St. Andrew more green. We have purchased some large buckets to put compostable items - like vegetable peels, rinds, or badly bruised fruits and vegetables from our Parish Hall kitchen and Food Pantry in. Please remember, if you put compost in the bucket, to empty it into the outdoor bins following the event or pantry distribution. Over time, our compost items will turn into nutrient rich soil that we can use in the gardens around the church. Thanks again to Boy Scout James Rodewald for the beautiful new compost station.