Parish Profile

What we do

St. Andrew cares for the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of our parishioners through ministry, education and activities.  St. Andrew is welcoming and open to all people with an embracing and accepting atmosphere.  The traditional services and rituals provide spiritual comfort.  Bible studies and spiritual formation give our community the tools and knowledge for spiritual growth regardless of where a person may be on their spiritual journey.  Children enjoy classes on Sunday mornings. For adults, Christian formation classes offer basics in an Introduction to the Episcopal Church class and in-depth classes that dive deep into the important religious issues of our times.  Special studies during Lent provide additional options for spiritual growth. 

St. Andrew has a strong history of Healing Prayer and prayer counseling ministries.   An online prayer wall currently hosts the prayer needs of our community, but there is much desire to reinstate a more visible healing prayer ministry.  Many social activities such as trips to the Lake County Captains and Patterson’s fruit farm, annual Fall Harvest Festival, and Bocce provide fun ways for our parish family to connect with one another.

For physical well-being, a parish nurse is available; St. Andrew holds weekly Zumba and Yoga classes.  Our church is a drop off point for a Community Sponsored Agriculture program which encourages our parish families to eat healthy.  Food and nutrition is a large part of St. Andrew’s identity; the food pantry ministry helps out both the community at large as well as bringing new members into the St. Andrew family.

St. Andrew offers a Ministry Fair yearly in order to allow our members to learn about the various ministries within our church community where they may be of service.  We are a small parish and often, like a close-knit family, people pitch in where needed.  St. Andrew also has parishioners suggest fellow members as volunteers because their talents would be a good match for a certain ministry. Current volunteer opportunities are discussed during worship services and may be posted in our ‘Good News’ monthly newsletter. All are welcome as members of the body of Christ to serve others in our community. 

There are many opportunities for stewardship at St. Andrew. These include donating time, financial resources, and talents to the church.  Examples of donating time include spring clean-up, supporting the Bocce event, serving on the vestry, flower and altar guilds, and other committees.  People donate financial resources through the capital campaign and annual pledging.  Talent donations include specialized services offered by members of the parish such as the parish nurse, and heating and air conditioning installation. These and many other activities within the church build a sense of community by bringing people together at times other than services.  The generous giving of service helps people feel valuable to one another and to the church.