Parish Profile

How we worship

St. Andrew has a diversified liturgical style and practice.  There are two offerings on Sunday for services that reflect our congregation’s varied spiritual needs.  The 8:00 am service is prayerful, quiet and contemplative.  

Our 11:00 am worship service is a traditional service that encompasses the beauty of the Book of Common Prayer and the talent of the St. Andrew choir.  This service honors the more Anglican tradition of the church, and is well attended by a variety of parishioners.  Until a few years ago, St. Andrew had a “Healing Ministry” that would take place during the 11:00 Sunday service. After receiving communion, those seeking private prayer, laying on of hands, and anointing met with prayer ministers.  There is a strong desire to by the congregation to reinstate this ministry.  The beauty of St. Andrew church is that as a congregation, we embrace the needs of all who come to worship with us, and welcome them as our brothers and sisters in Christ.